Lindsey Studio Artworks

As a young student in the late ‘70’s, Lindsey worked as a traditional painter influenced by magic realism at the time.  In 1977, he accepted a position as a sculptor’s apprentice to Daniel Lowery at his studio in O’Fallon, Illinois. It was in this capacity that he learned mold making, woodcarving, clay, metal casting, and iron forging.  These experiences motivated him to commit to craftsmanship in a wide spectrum of materials and gave him a vision of what would be his life’s work. Discovering stone working after arriving in Chicago was the only natural next step.

Lindsey absorbed and investigated everything from Bernini to Brancusi.  It was during those days, in 1984, that he met Isamu Noguchi.  After that conversation, he felt determined to combine elements of all of these materials to create a singular body of work that became something it already was.